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The Right & Fast Weight Gain Diet for Bodybuilding

bodybuilding weight gain diet
bodybuilding weight gain diet

This article is about how to gain weight, but! The word weight refers to the building of quality muscle mass. Most people who want to gain weight – skinny. They are interested in a sports body, but what to do if in a mirror one can see some bones? Do not worry – there is a solution!

For men and for women, the main rule will be to increase daily caloric. However here it is necessary not to overdo it, since there may be an aversion to eating due to a sharp increase in calories. Daily, I suggest to increase by 200-300 calories. In order to speed up your metabolism should also increase the overall meals.

If you have previously 2-3 doses will do 4-5, but slightly reducing portion. For half an hour before meals, I recommend to drink 200-300ml of juice, he, in turn, will help to arouse the appetite. After eating from physical activity is necessary to refrain for about an hour. Men and in particular girls, I suggest not to be shy and to take with you to school/work food for high-quality, balanced nutrition to put on weight.

High calorie foods contributes to weight gain, however, if you do not adjust the amount of daily calories with their spending, eventually you can just swim fat. We don’t need, so we will use a balanced menu for rapid weight gain.

The first meal of the day. Morning, the perfect Breakfast is oatmeal with 100-200g of fruit, be it apples or bananas. Oatmeal on an empty stomach helps to cleanse the stomach from all toxins.

The second meal. 3 hours later after our tomorrow should eat a 60-70% carbohydrate and 40-30% protein. Second, the ideal meal might be:

  • Buckwheat 200g with 150g meat (chicken, pork, beef) + salad/vegetables.
  • Rice 150g with 150g meat (chicken, pork, beef) + salad/vegetables.
  • Pasta + salad/vegetables.

The third meal can be slightly diluted with our side dishes of soup with a steak or meatballs. Try at every meal (at lunch) to eat vegetables is fiber, which in turn helps to digest protein.

Fourth meal later in the evening, then it should be possible to cut carbs and to maximize food rich in proteins. A perfect dinner would be baked fish with vegetables or omelette with chicken.

The fifth meal of the hour and a half before bedtime, you must eat protein foods for a long the absorption, such as casein, cheese, cottage cheese. There is a myth that you can’t eat after six or fat is not true. Not eat before you sleep because during sleep, the stomach is asleep, food is not digested.

Useful Tips to Gain Weight

gain muscle mass dietProper nutrition is nice, but in reality and in everyday life quite difficult and troublesome to maintain a balanced protein and carbohydrate diet. It is extremely important to use already pre-thought-out by experts of sports nutrition.

So, for quick mass gains apply cocktails of gainers, with a proper proportion of the ratio of proteins and carbohydrates. You can also use proteins, and carbohydrates to draw from daily food.

So, let’s now discuss some important recommendations that will help with weight gain:

1. Fractional nutrition is the key to success. Eat every 3 hours small portions.

2. On the day you should drink 2-3 liters of water. The body is 80% water and the organs and tissues necessary resources for proper functioning.

3. Vegetables. Try to eat more vegetables as they are rich in fiber, which helps rapid digestion of protein.

4. Less sweet products and sweets. If you want to eat, and there is nothing at hand to eat the Apple! In rich and sweet foods are only a quick carbohydrates and negative fats that are not useful to the body, on the contrary, they are growing belly and butt.

5. Do protein shakes. Excellent, and most importantly delicious meal – homemade protein shake. I’ll tell a few of their varieties: 50g oatmeal, 1 banana, 1 egg, 100g cottage cheese, 250ml of milk. All shake well in a blender until smooth. To drink preferably in the morning or after a workout. — 100g of cottage cheese, spoon of jam (strawberry, raspberry), 2 eggs, banana, milk 300ml. This cocktail is different from previous ones in that it does not have oatmeal and it is delicious.

6. Daily caloric content should be more than 2500 calories. Gradually you need to increase calories.

7. There are various herbs and pills that awaken the appetite and helps to gain weight, but before using them should consult with a dietician.

8. Every week check your weight and most importantly the waist. The addition on the scale is not always an indicator that you have gained the desired weight. If on the scales you see +0.5 or +1 kg, and the waist has increased 1 or 2 cm, then you gained fat, you need to carefully monitor the training and nutrition.